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From: Tony "T Dub" Sanders

San Dimas, CA

Dear Galactic Champion,

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one cut-throat, competitive game.

Believe me… It is not about the side of light or darkness – it’s about the pros and the noobs.

Whether you are on the side of the republic or the empire, it doesn’t matter because no one will bring along a noob on intense operations or space battles because everyone is busy watching their own back. Heck, they would sooner trust their Wookie companions compared to a human player because:

Know this… there are countless poor saps out there in the galaxy spending sleepless nights wandering around from planet to planet scavenging scraps with hopes that they will create a rare item.

Others fight battle after battle hoping to level up easily but after months after months of cutting and shooting, they still haven’t reached level 50!

But before all that...



Just when you think of missing another birthday party or hitting the Friday night clubs, your addiction for the game or for the rewards kicks in and a few dozen hours are gone again.

There goes your social life once again…

Your girlfriend/boyfriend screams or texts you with death threats if you spend another minute in front of the computer.

Your grades plummet or your employer notices those thick dark rings around your eyes again.

You look starved as you skip another meal or bloated as the only thing you do is click a mouse and eat junk food (how convenient since you don’t have to prepare or cook…)

And still, you don’t get the Holy Grail!

Thank ‘The Force’ that this is not you.

You are a smart guy who knows better than to sacrifice your personal life and throw everything away just because of a game…

I guess that’s why you are hear in the first place, right?

The reason why you are here is because unlike those lifeless scrubs, you are:

My name is Tony Sanders but I’ve been more commonly known as ‘T-Dub’ in the gaming world and I know why you are here.

Can I be brutally honest with you?

You see… many talk the talk but do not walk the walk…

Therefore, I’m not going to waste any time telling you how good my guide is first unless I establish some cold hard facts about my credibility:

I’ve also been a guide and mentor to THOUSANDS of players online for popular games like World Of Warcraft and every other Facebook game you can name.

I ride with the top guilds for every big game and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different.

Simply put:

You see, a long time ago, I used to be struggling just like you.

Hyperspace takes me from planet to planet searching for treasure and credits but with no avail.

To cut a long story short, I learned that I couldn’t do this on my own.

I used to hate guides thinking they are out to get my money.

But months of wasting time in MMORPG games has taught me that time IS money. (Yes, we do pay a subscription fee… so the sooner we win, the less we spend!)

I went straight to the pros and gurus of gaming like a young padawan to Master Yoda himself.

My patience with my mentors paid off.

But you are going to get something far, far better than what I got.

In just a few minutes, you will discover a treasure chest containing tons of important tips that will show you how you can easily dominate the game and gain complete mastery over your class even if you are just a newbie padawan without a license to swing a light saber!

Call it fate, call it divine appointment…

You are here for one reason.

To save time and learn everything you can about the game as soon as possible.

And by virtue of being here, you will learn how to:



Yes, I’ve already anticipated your question with my ‘powers of The Force’…

“How does this apply to every single class in the game?”

I got that covered!

I just want you to be clear that only winners are allowed to read beyond this point as I wouldn’t want to waste the other group’s time.

If you intend to ‘try out’ every single class in the game, chances are… you will be a jack of all trades and a master of none – it’s like trying to master the light and the dark side at the same time.

Class specificity is very, very important!

Many guides out there only offer ‘generic’ information and they think that by slapping a few generic tips together, they will pass it off as a guide forgetting that SWTOR is story driven and highly geared towards building a specific class.

You may think that it’s almost impossible for one man to compile so many guides, but believe me – it’s already been done and it’s all here for you to enjoy the fruits of my labor!


Imagine having complete step by step gaming guides containing all of the tips and tricks the pros have hidden away from you for your favorite class and learn how to master this within a very short period of time.

It doesn't matter if you are a Padawan Newbie Or A Seasoned Jedi Grandmaster – this guide is for you if you want to max out your character level, deck yourself full with credits and items, get the best starships and utterly dominate all the operations.

Are you drooling already? Pick your class right now and grab any one at a LOW price of $27 only!


But don't just take our word for it...

Everybody needs to make a choice. But I certainly hope you do not make the wrong one because leveling and maximizing your class is not something you want to mess around with.

I knew a friend who spent HUNDREDS of dollars hiring a ‘farmer’ to play the game for him.

He claimed that he didn’t have enough time. He opted the ‘simpler’ way which is to pay for someone to do the work for him.

But you can have fun without grinding mobs like a farmer.

Because I knew how much time I would save you, I didn’t sleep for a night wondering if I were pricing these guides correctly.

Comparing to hiring a ‘farmer’, this guide is easily worth $297 (each) or at least a hundred hours of your precious time.

Okay… $297 is not for everybody and I understand that people are on a budget.

Then I thought about $97 which is already a steal… but I have no intention of charging someone $97 for a guide.

Then I dropped it to $47 and I was already squirming inside but I thought better.

Because this information must be shared!

Then finally…

I settled with $27 for a guide…

Suddenly it hit me… why not just sell them ALL for one GOOD PRICE?

That’s right! People love choices and I’m going to give you loads of it here!

That’s not a misprint, it's not a typo and it’s not a joke. After that, you'll have to pay the full cost. No if's no but's...

Look, don't be deceived by the price... this is priceless information!

And to make an ironclad promise to you, here's my personal guarantee:

You prefer to use mediocre gear in SWTOR.
You put yourself at risk using illegal hacks or cracks.
You want to waste money on lousy guides from people with no credibility.
You prefer spending hundreds of hours playing alone and learn nothing.

So here's the amazing benefits of SWTOR Secrets (and a whole lot more!)

All Factions Covered

Our in-depth guide covers both factions and provides in-depth details and differences without the filler nonsense. Whichever your character choice, rest assured, we have it all.
  Light Speed Power Leveling

Tried and tested by our successful in-house beta testers, our leveling builds and rotations are without a doubt the fastest way to go.
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We spoon feed you the perfect builds and rotations that will put you practically invincible and keep you at the top of the DPS/HPS meter.
Awesome PvP Builds

Getting your butt kicked in Warzone? With our detailed PvP builds from level 10 to 50, have peace of mind that you'll be doing your fair share of bullying!
Perfecting Abilities & Talents

So many combinations, so much confusion. But with our complete point by point walkthroughs, we tell you where to put each talent point, every level ,every class! 
Pimped Out Gears

Hundreds of gears, hundreds of optimizations. We provide in-depth information on which items have the best stats and works best with which class. You never again wonder which item to pick/buy/roll! 
Healing & Tanking Guides

We'll share the optimum builds and rotations so that whatever you do, be it Groups, Operations or Flashpoints, you'll be healing and tanking at the optimum rate. 
Round the Clock Support

Stuck on a level at 2am? Your guild isn't performing to its optimum? Feel lonely? Whatever your question, you'll have the answer. Wherever you are in the world. 24/7.  
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Don’t wait any longer because your choice is clear!



To Your Gaming Success,

Tony 'T Dub' Sanders


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